The MARC module has been substantially reworked internally for more efficient operation as well as adopting the refined look. Most users should notice a significant improvement in performance when processing MARC records.


When you navigate to the MARC list, the MARC menu is selected for you.

The last item in the list is labelled “Remove temporary MARC data” to emphasise the temporal nature of the MARC records.


Field labels may be turned on or off according to your preference.

Tabs that are not pertinent to the current MARC record (e.g. the URL tab when there is no URL associated with an item) are hidden.


When setting up MARC tags to be processed, you specify a default destination field for a tag (e.g. 20 -> ISBN) with default prefix and suffix and then specify exceptions, (in this case, sub-field “c” is ignored).

You can also specify different prefix/suffix for individual sub-fields.