Athenaeum Pro 2017 Changes

Web Templates

Custom Code

Athenaeum Pro 2017 allows you to add raw html to your web templates home page, without having to have access to the raw templates on the web server. This is useful, for example, for including widgets or reference external links.

This is rendered on the default home page of the template

Note that this assumes that you have to know a little bit about html, however, html snippets are often offered complete by suppliers (the example pictured has two widgets supplied by EPIC).

It is strongly advised to not include PHP or Javascript code unless you have good reason.

Search Topics Suggestions

(a.k.a. Search Suggestions, Hot Topics or Reading Lists)

The default web templates will now optionally pull the Search Topics list as a list of linked buttons on the home page.

search topics as a clickable list
search topics as a clickable list

This list is pulled from your Athenaeum preferences (admin->customisation->search/OPAC)

list of search topics (subjects)
list of search topics (subjects)

The title is drawn from the Search Topics field and the subjects are sorted according to your sort order.

Clicking a search topic button will cause Athenaeum to perform a search in the subject field matching the name of the button. If you don’t have any subjects matching your search topics, then no results will be returned.

note: use the “add subject to x items” button (catalogue->utility) to quickly add a subject to a selected set of items.

Borrower Wish List

Authenticated (logged in) web users now have the ability to add or delete titles to their wish list - a list users can keep as a reference list. This is an alternative to reserving items (which otherwise has an implied intention to later borrow).

When logged in to the Athenaeum web templates, users see a new tab on the home screen: “Wish list”:

borrower wish list tab on home page
borrower wish list tab on home page

Items are marked for inclusion on the wish list by clicking the wish list button on the detail for an item:

adding an item to a wish list
adding an item to a wish list

When viewing a wish list, users can

  • view further detail about the item by clicking its title

  • remove the title from the wish list by clicking the “delete wish” button

viewing and deleting wish list entries
viewing and deleting wish list entries

The library administrator can title wish list entries from the catalogue utilities->list tab.

Random Image

The default web templates include a fun random book cover image on the home page. Clicking that can take you to that item. Athenaeum Pro 2017 changes the behaviour slightly so that all copies are returned when you click on the image, rather than a random one.

note that if you have unlinked images amongst your catalogue media, then clicking an unlinked images will not find any matching catalogue entries and will show “No items match your query” - you should remove unlinked images using the new functions provided


(technical) Users of the “lib-admin” group have been given FM_PHP privilege.