Athenaeum Pro 2017 Changes

Athenaeum Pro 2017

Athenaeum Pro 2017 is the ongoing refinement to Athenaeum Pro that includes a number of key changes:

  • refinement of the interface allowing access to more features without “moving” around as much

  • various requests from librarians

  • technical changes underneath to optimise performance and capability

  • adjustments to web capabilities

  • lots of things too small and super boring to describe

Table of contents

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Interface Changes
  3. Main Menu Changes
  4. The Admin Interface and Changes
  5. Catalogue: Administrator
  6. Catalogue Media Management
  7. Managing External Library Loans
  8. Catalogue: Guest
  9. Borrower: Administrator
  10. Circulation: Administrator
  11. History: Administrator
  12. Supplier: Administrator
  13. Borrower Types: Administrator
  14. MARC Processing: Administrator
  15. FileMaker Server Web Templates