Athenaeum Pro 2017 Changes


The administration (preferences) screens use the new tab object model.

The “active” tab has an orange icon with black text. The “inactive” tabs have blue icons and text.

Check boxes are obvious “ticks” or “check-marks” when selected.

Field Labels

A new window management option is to set the default display of labels for fields on or off.

This allows experienced users to turn off field labels and reduce on-screen clutter in many areas of Athenaeum Pro 2017.

With field labels on, the names of the fields on the layouts are displayed by default. With labels off, the screen is less cluttered, giving interface purists a small amount of joy.

When toggled, the default setting is applied the next time the user logs on. The setting can be changed on the fly on individual screens, if desired.

Quick Views

Quick Detail Views are intended for less frequent users of Athenaeum (e.g. departmental staff occasionally issuing resources).

The quick detail views were introduced in Athenaeum Pro 2016 and for 2017, some key screens have been further simplified.

main menu quick view an standard view
main menu quick view an standard view

With quick view on, the main menu is simplified, removing the statistics and the tabs to options that the target audience are less likely to use (combine this with a simplified main menu for an even simpler screen).

catalogue detail view (left) and quick view (right)
catalogue detail view (left) and quick view (right)

The standard view shows lots of information, as experienced users expect to see. The quick detail view shows fewer tabs, fewer fields on screen and uses a larger font. The quick detail view always shows field labels and ignores the “show field labels” setting in admin.

The main menu configuration now allows empty buttons.

Previously, removing the name of a button would leave a grey empty button on the main menu.

Athenaeum Pro 2017 allows you to completely remove the buttons by clearing the button name. There is no button to click in that position when you do so.

Custom Tab

The “search/OPAC” tab is now the default (as it appeared to be the most used tab), saving that extra click and those precious fractions of a second!

Web Page Content

It is now easier to see the content of the link or the html that is used for the OPAC web page search.

You may enter a plain URL (without surrounding quotes that were used prior to 2016) or you may enter raw HTML in the box.

If you wish to see the HTML more clearly, click the “i” info button to open a scrollable pop-over revealing more of the content.


Some time consuming utilities such as “Tickle Titles and Subjects” and “Send Catalogue to Titles” will - if your Athenaeum is hosted on FileMaker Server - will perfom the tasks in the background on the server. This means you no longer have to wait :)