Athenaeum Pro 2017 Changes

External Library Loans

Athenaeum Pro 2017 supports the import of “loan” data from National Library (which can be adapted for other external sources). These are the items a library might receive for an extended period of time and you want to include in your catalogue for issuing and returning, but that you don’t want included in your annual purchases.

note: we are receiving the occasional report that the “csv” files received from the National Library sometimes are formatted differently and may contain more than just your current issues. We are seeking details on this, so please contact us when you receive your National Library data.

Access the external loan listing from catalogue utilities.

Import your CSV file from National library. This contains basic information about the items, such as Title, loan date, due date, issuing library and bar code.

The list of results is displayed. The external library list can contain historical records or simply the current loans if you wish. It is a temporary list that you maintain as you see fit and is not included in certain other reports and statistics.

You can use standard FileMaker functions such as finding, sorting and deleting to maintain the list of loans, note however that when an external loan is added to the catalogue, it is linked and should not be removed until it the corresponding catalogue item is removed using the management utilities.

Load items into the catalogue using the “Load into catalogue” function.

Once loaded, items can be issued and returned in the normal manner. Items are:

  • given a borrower privilege of “other” which you may change

  • the “expiry date” field in the catalogue detail is set to the “due date”

  • the purchase date is set to 1/1/0001 (which excludes it from annual statistics)

  • the unpaid value is set to an arbitrary amount of $100.00

Use the Find overdue external loans to find items with a due date before the current date.

You can also use the standard find features to search for items due on any arbitrary date or range of dates (e.g, find all expiry dates for August of the current year by clicking the Find button and entering 8 into the expiry date - Athenaeum will interpret that to mean any day in the eighth month).

Removing external loans from Catalogue

Use the standard find feature to find the external loans you wish to remove from the catalogue.

Click the “remove these X external loans”.

removing a set of external loans
removing a set of external loans

Athenaeum will first check that the “found set” of catalogue items you are attempting to remove are, in fact, external loans and are not issued to borrowers. If so, then

  • the return date in the external loan list is set to the current date

  • the items are added to the archive (to maintain a link to any issue history) but with an archive date of 1/1/0001

  • the items are removed from the catalogue

Archive considerations

The archive process will not process external loan entries.

  • the catalogue detail screen hides the quick dispose buttons for such items

  • archiving a found set of items first checks to see if any of the items are external items and will stop if any are found

Stock take considerations

When performing the missing from stock take function, the option to exclude external library items is available.

Annual Summary & Statistics

External items are not included in the annual summary as the “purchase date” is set to an artificial value of 1/1/0001 (that is, 1 January over 2000 years ago).

When you “return” an external library item, an entry is added to the archive and the archive date is set to 2/1/0001.

These prevent external items from appearing in the Annual Summary, the statistics dashboard on the main menu (“items added this year”) and the Quick Statistics.

External library items are otherwise included in Excel exports, standard print statistics and depreciation reports.