Athenaeum Pro

Athenaeum Pro is a fully featured library management package designed for schools, community libraries, churches and other organisations wishing to manage their resources.

Offering great catalogue management; rapid catalogue entry; flexible configuration; easy stock take and analysis; strong circulation controls with optional overrides; in-depth analysis of borrowing history, it remains an affordable, easy-to-use package to effectively manage your resources - both physical and digital.

This latest version of our long-established program is based on FileMaker Pro 12 or FileMaker Pro 13. Upon request, an older version is available for FileMaker Pro 11, however note that FileMaker Pro 11 is less compatible with newer operating systems and support is very limited..

For 21 years library systems by SumWare Consulting have been successfully used by organisations around the world!
You can download the manuals and a trial versions of Athenaeum Pro from our Athenaeum downloads page.


Easily track tens of thousands of items with flexible and very fast searching; link to or embed digital documents; show related web sites; book cover retrieval options customisable for your own provider (contact us if you have special needs); include resources that are not automatically displayed (if you choose) to library patrons.
Separate views for administrators and guests


Flexible issue management. Issue privileges are managed by default by standard borrower types, each item may have its own privilege and administrators can just override the lot. When issuing, choose your borrowers by bar code (which you can generate from within Athenaeum) or search on the fly for borrowers by name


The patrons of your library - manage thousands quickly by assigning borrower types in bulk. Set individual or group "latest due" dates. Instantly view each personal issue history. Optionally allow your borrowers to write reviews or even enable self issuing.
Options to manage user access through external authentication via Active Directory/Open Directory with FileMaker Server.


Very fast cataloging from ISBN/ISSN automatically retrieving bibliographic data and cover information from SCIS (subscription required) or bibliographic information from National LIbrary of NZ SchoolsCat (NZ Schools only, log in required).
A quick YouTube video showing SCIS import
A quick YouTube video showing SchoolsCat import

Strict or Loose Authorities

Add subject matter in a highly organised, rigid format. Or, if the character of your library is more relaxed you can choose a free form subject organisation if you like (supplemented by your authority lists, of course)


Of course, we import standard USMARC data which you can configure to behave the way you need it to.


Heaps of options here - valuations by location, depreciation reports, usage reports, archive reports, most active borrowers, most used Search terms, or just export your information to a spreadsheet and go from there, too!


Introduced in 1993, FlexiSpell can make searching the catalogue easier with automatic simile and misspelling accommodation.
Watch this short Youtube video for a preview


Easily import borrowers from a variety of standard formats from other systems. We can automate various integration with other system - e.g. Kamar shares borrowers, photos and accepts fees from Athenaeum as including Athenaeum circulation data in the Kamar "Parent Portal". A well defined XML interface means other systems can extract catalogue, borrower, circulation and issue history data directly from Athenaeum.


Of course, there are a variety of options for searching your catalogue over your network and the internet. Athenaeum Pro has been doing this since 1997. (Conditions apply: may require extra software; network must support external internet access; etc..)


E-mail correspondence–overdues, recalls, borrower letters, class circulations lists. PDF your reports and attach to e-mail.
E-mail directly from Athenaeum or by using a stand-alone mail client (e.g. Outlook, Entourage, Apple Mail).
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