Support for Athenaeum can be found on our web pages, via e-mail or directly from SumWare Consulting. We can help in a number of ways and you have a number of purchase options. The annual support contract provides the most flexible support option.

Support Agreements

Support agreements are pre-paid and start at $525+GST for up to 12 months. They can be extended within the year, if necessary. You customise your contract to suit your requirements.

The support agreements can include the following:
  • Access to all online support resources within the application
  • Join online Athenaeum workshops
  • Remote connection and phone support (up to 6.5 hours by appointment) for the library and/or
  • limited phone and remote support for your nominated tech staff and/or
  • attendance at Athenaeum Workshops (some travel feels may apply)
  • Automatic Athenaeum updates OR Athenaeum software updaters to bring their Athenaeum software up to date (excludes updating third party software) and
  • Current web templates for Athenaeum when loaded on your FileMaker Server (used to be $495+GST but now only included with Support Agreements)
  • For KAMAR hosted schools, support agreement also includes hosting the Athenaeum web search templates on our web server (Kamar don't provide this service)

Some Athenaeum updates have minimum third party software requirements. For example, we may require a minimum version of the FileMaker software or of your computer's operating system (sorry, support for XP disappeared long ago...).

Ad hoc support is nominally charged at $40 per quarter hour plus GST for education institutions and $60 per quarter hour plus GST for commercial organisations.

  • Support time is rounded to the quarter hour.
  • Agreements are annual, from the date specified in the invoice.
  • Unused support time does not roll over to the next year.
  • It is at Sumware Consulting's discretion to offer support beyond that stated above.

Support agreements are instantiated simply by paying our invoice, there is otherwise no signed agreement.

Please contact us if you have further questions.

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